About Us

Shadowpact was formed in 2012, when two rambunctious emcees, Modern Marvill & Sleye Kooper, plus one fantastic producer- Artemis the Archer, joined forces to prove that a group of talented individuals focused on the same goal could accomplish anything, and turn the whole perspective of the Louisville hip hop scene upside down.

Shadowpact released their first full-length album in July of 2014, titled The Narrative, through local record label, Little Heart Records. The group teamed up with the producer/emcee/DJ/local legend, Dr. Dundiff, to help Artemis with production and record, mix, and master the entire album. After being featured on several notable music blogs and receiving a positive response, the group decided that they were too passionate about hip hop to stop there and started working on their next project.

In August of 2015 the trio dropped their first EP titled Stone the Crows. As opposed to The Narrative, the EP strayed away from conceptual songs and chose to highlight the emcees’ wittiness paired with more grimy and upbeat instrumentals. Stone the Crows was co-produced by Artemis and Stsy, another talented Louisville native, with featured instrumentation from Filthy Rich,  Sonny Rhythms, and Doran Nash.

As Shadowpact continues their journey in hip hop they plan to continue playing shows across the US and expressing their emotions through the music they love.