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March 04, 2017



"After taking a break in 2016, Shadowpact has returned with Respawn, a video game-themed EP that takes risks with delivery, production and narrative structure. The hip-hop crew of Modern Marvill and Sleye Kooper and Artemis the Archer — whose last release was 2015’s Stone the Crows — receive extra life on Respawn through their collaboration with DJ Shaheed, who adds an airy lightness to the production, haunting and ephemeral, counter-balanced by tight trap work.

At five songs, the album is set up to thematically mirror the general structure of a video game, with each piece telling a part of the overall story. Shadowpact has explored the tonality of video games in the past, for instance on their bit-crushed debut full-length, The Narrative. But, where previous tracks have used the musicality of classic gaming as a sample source of inspiration for references, the material on Respawn is an abstraction, a sublime evaluation of gaming on a cultural level." - Syd Bishop, LEO Weekly

This EP was produced by DJ Shaheed. All music was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Framehouse Studio.

1. High Score

2. Respawn

3. Cutscene

4. Boss Fight

5. Easter Egg

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