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July 29, 2014


The Narrative

"The Narrative" is the debut album from the hip hop collective, "Shadowpact". An engrossing tale of political intrigue, action, suspense, romance and other daily struggles, thoughts and ideas- these individuals have strived to compile a creative and interesting set of plot points for fans of all music genres to enjoy. These are stories to sit around a campfire and recite to your friends and family on a dark stormy night, or nestled away by yourself underneath the moon laying in a hammock with a hot cup of coco. Modern Marvill, the deeply flawed yet instantly likable "anti-hero" of sorts, sets his paces on this album with incredible imagery. At times deeply metaphorical, other times sarcastically simplistic, he effortlessly treks his way from one bar to the next, drawing in the listeners with curiosity. Sleye Kooper, a man of many trades and talents, takes cues from the inspiration of his namesake, by swiftly gliding around his similes and double meanings. With his unique mixture of black comedy, striking realism and meaningful messages- he serves as the voice, and the illusive yet relatable figure for the young generation. Artemis The Archer, the architect, the one who holds the blueprints- her role as the foundation that keeps the Pact sacred is unmatched. Taking the position of maestro, she flawlessly explores every human emotion, all through tempos, hi hats, bass drums and every other instrument at her disposal. The honorary member of Shadowpact, Dr Dundiff, provides an even deeper and fascinating journey into the depths of expressions through his contributions to the album, acting as a vessel for originality, unique soundscapes and platforms for lyrics to ascend and descend off of. Together, through hardships, good times and many recording sessions, these authors proudly present to you "The Narrative". Enjoy.

This album was co-produced by Dr. Dundiff and Artemis the Archer. All music was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the legend, Dr. Dundiff himself.

1. Prologue

2. Magnolia

3. No Comment

4. Fear, Itself

5. Sixteen Months

6. Heartstrings ft. Bee Thomas

7. Dean's List ft. Calvin the Alchemist

8. Flotilla ft. Touch AC

9. Eight-Bits of Happiness

10. Imaginary Enemies

11. Salvador's Stopwatch

12. Epilogue

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