LISTEN: Shadowpact – “Stay Down” [prod. Nick B]

Another day, another single from Shadowpact. That may seem written in resignation, as if somehow wearied by the incessant flow of awesome from the dynamic duo of emcees Modern Marvill and Sleye Kooper and their revolving door of producers, but it’s anything but. A slow and steady stream of solid bops has, whether intentional or not, developed a tension for a new full length; can’t we get like half an hour of dope beats and clever rhymes, please? The world is a rotten place full of villains and villainy, and seems to get worse every day; what we need is more lines about nerd shit and going hard at life, because why not.

With Stay Down, Shadowpact have pared down the references for a more traditional lyrical take on hip-hop, the classic “we’re awesome, deal with it” routine made famous by, well, pretty much every rapper in history. There is a playful Beastie Boysvibe here, which is bravado infused with a little self-doubt, or at least so it would seem from my perspective. But then, and this is real talk, despite the fact that I have a BA in English and write on a daily level, I still get this kind of thing wrong on the regular. That’s the joy of art though: it’s subjective.

The beat is a little grimier than their usual, with production on this cut by the undeniable Nick B. It’s been nice to hear how the pair mix with outside collaborators, and they’ve proven that they have a good ear for quality. Still, it’ll be nice to hear more from erstwhile producer Artemis the Archer. And that’s not a knock at Nick B either. This track is great and he continues to shine.

Listen below and get into it. This track is a single from the now released Little Heart Records sampler, which you can get here.

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