NN PRESENTS: Best Records of 2014


ShadowpactThe Narrative
If I had half the talent these kids had when I was 20, well… shit, I don’t know how to finish that analogy. I mean, I can’t speak for them. I have no idea what they want to do, just that they make some fantastic hip-hop at a skill level that I personally would not have been able to reproduce. And now I’m thinking that my scale here “could-Syd-do-it” is really condescending, like I’m the ultimate barometer or something. What I’m really trying to say (THE POWER OF LANGUAGE, Y’ALL), is that The Narrative is a damn fine showing, a smooth as fuck album, with clever rhyme schemes and dope beats, one they should be proud of. I hope very much that the good folks in Shadowpact blow the fuck up, if that’s even something they’d want. They definitely deserve it. [LISTEN]

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