Our six favorite local songs from February

LEO Weekly

Shadowpact — “Cutscene”

It’s a little uncomfortable that “Cutscene” starts with the lyric, “God this weather is beautiful / temperature typically suitable.” Delivered by emcee Modern Marvill, one half of the duo with Sleye Kooper, backed here by DJ Shaheed, there is something a little ominous. Combined with the chorus, “The calm before the storm / breathe in / Vietnam before the war / breathe out / before you grab your swords / know what you’re fighting for,” it’s hard not to take something equal parts beautiful and creepy. It’s February, and this weather is great, which is something to appreciate, but at what cost? Run that parallel to the current sociopolitical climate, and you’ve got a scary vision of the future: Enjoy your time now, but get ready to fight. This is a wonderful track that shows a lot of promise for their continued evolution.

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