Our six favorite local songs from June

LEO Weekly

Dom B. Feat. Shadowpact – “2016 Untouchables”
Is it possible to feel like something is too classy? Spoiler alert: no. But I challenge anyone out there to listen to this, and not feel like they need a smoking jacket and/or monocle. Well, that may skew a bit too “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” for this set, so let’s just picture that classiness in the back of a neon-lit bar, the cigar smoke in the air tinged pink, something on the rocks clutched in your hand and ill intentions on your mind. This is the kind of hip-hop that would inspire Frank Sinatra to ball — the sort where you imagine that a deal is being cut, and you might not like it, but dammit, you’ll respect it. Dom B has a measured flow, and paints a helluva picture, accompanied by Shadowpact, who compliment his work perfectly. Are they untouchable? I can’t speak to that, but this track will certainly make you think twice.

Our 6 favorite local songs from May

LEO Weekly

Shadowpact – Ballad of Fallen Angels
Fuck yes. It’s been a minute since a new Shadowpact track, and apparently they’ve only been eating their lyrical Wheaties, so that they could come back stronger. As always, Modern Marvill and Sleye Kooper come hard with the clever rhymes and references, to the extent that requires your full attention to catch all the little bits. They’ve mastered that perfect balance of serious and fun, which somehow manifests itself in consistently excellent production, here by CAVE DWLR. Feel obligated here to put your shades on, and roll your windows down a little, when you hear the heat off this, which is less a measure of any kind of posturing, as the pair tend to eschew that particular hip-hop trope, and more about outwitting your problems.

LISTEN: Shadowpact – “Ballad of Fallen Angels”


It’s always a good day when you discover a new Shadowpact track. The always on point duo have a new banger by the way of Ballad of Fallen Angels, a sleepy cut that has a mild energy. At this point it’s a little difficult to come up with new ways to compliment the group, as they continue to satisfy on every level. The beat has a nice bounce to it, but that kind of thing that gets you easy chair riled, where you sit back in your jammies and nod your head to the beat, while you sip on your coffee. This is easy-listening hop, presented here as an asset. There is a bravery in keeping things light rather than relying on bright dynamics to propel a track, the sort that demands hands to be thrown in the air. Instead, Shadowpact have a confidence backed by their impeccable rhymes, and cemented by their flawless production values.

All told, this is a solid listen and offers much promise for their impending release. Relative to that, the text on the SoundCloud account lists that this album should have dropped yesterday. At the moment, I cannot find any trace of that, although that may be user error, and not a reflection of anything lacking here. Regardless, this is an encouraging glimpse into what’s to come. There is an easy air to this track reminiscent of something along the lines of Aesop Rock, Cool Calm Pete, orBlackalicious, a jazzy and ambient beat with a flow that reflects that. Listen below and dig into it.