Our six favorite local songs from June

LEO Weekly

Dom B. Feat. Shadowpact – “2016 Untouchables”
Is it possible to feel like something is too classy? Spoiler alert: no. But I challenge anyone out there to listen to this, and not feel like they need a smoking jacket and/or monocle. Well, that may skew a bit too “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” for this set, so let’s just picture that classiness in the back of a neon-lit bar, the cigar smoke in the air tinged pink, something on the rocks clutched in your hand and ill intentions on your mind. This is the kind of hip-hop that would inspire Frank Sinatra to ball — the sort where you imagine that a deal is being cut, and you might not like it, but dammit, you’ll respect it. Dom B has a measured flow, and paints a helluva picture, accompanied by Shadowpact, who compliment his work perfectly. Are they untouchable? I can’t speak to that, but this track will certainly make you think twice.

LISTEN: Dom B ft. Shadowpact – “2016 Untouchables”


I can accept the premise implicit in the title of the track: Dom B and Shadowpact are untouchable. I’m not sure if that premium expires at the beginning of 2017, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the righteousness of their rhymes. There is a classiness to this beat that I have to attribute to the horn section, but that is definitely backed by the lyrical prowess of all involved. Never has Shadowpact sounded grittier, here as back up for Dom B, who is coming out of the gates swinging with this track. There is a slow groove here that makes you feel like you’re going to sip bourbon in a dimly lit bar, hunched over in a black leather chair, decked out in a suit with no tie, the collar kind of open a little, because you don’t give a fuck. It’s cinematic that way and definitely gets into your head.

You can snatch this up on July 16th at the Mag Bar when Dom B drops his new full length. Based on the strength of this track alone we’ve all got a lot to look forward to. Clever rhymes and fly beats are the currency that Dom B and Shadowpact deal in, and our musical economy is all better off for it. Also, and I think this merits a little nod, but dig deep here for a dope shout out. Spoiler alert: blush. Listen below and try for a second to not feel like one ill motherfucker.